LED Lighting Retrofit and Installation

Go LED lighting

LED lighting represents the latest development in the lighting industry. The energy efficiency and considerable lifespan of LED technology holds all the potential for changing the way organizations brighten their facilities by reducing the cost of electricity and overall energy usage. 

What are the Benefits of LED lighting?

Led lighting lasts longer, is more durable, performs better and is more energy-efficient than any other source of lighting. Many industrial, commercial and residential facilities now use LEDs for a wide range of applications.

Key benefits:

  • More energy efficient, allowing you to save 50-80% on utility bills.
  • Light up instantly and don't need time to warm up
  • No Heat or UV Emissions
  • Don't contain any harmful materials and they're 100% recyclable.
  • Long Lifespan
  • Improved Environmental Performance
  • The Ability to Operate in Cold Conditions
  • Dimming Capabilities
  • Government Rebate
Commercial LED Lighting Retrofit

On-Site Auditing

On-Site Auditing A crucial step in the success of any upgrade is an audit of the existing lighting system – a comprehensive review of Read More »

Project Energy Analyst Report

Project Energy Analyst Report CF LED Lighting analyzes and reports on your energy consumption and proposes lighting solutions that save you money. Our detailed report Read More »

Maximum Government Rebates

Maximum Government Rebates CF LED Lighting is a qualified Applicant Representatives (AR) who submits Retrofit Program Applications on your behalf. We are A.R. Toronto Hydro Read More »

Lighting Design & Solutions

Lighting Design & Solutions CF LED Lighting works closely with LED manufacturers to source and design the lighting solution that best fit your needs. We Read More »

Installation & Disposal

Installation & Disposal CF LED Lighting works with licensed electricians who ensure that lighting installations are done right and to the code. Clean installation and Read More »