Megna Pools – 821 Brock Rd., Unit 1, Pickering

Megna Pools – 821 Brock Rd., Unit 1, Pickering

Retrofit office and warehouse lighting with LED technology . 

77% reduction in energy consumption & over $19,000 in cash savings annually


Annual Energy Savings


Years Payback Period


5-Year Cash Savings


Government Rebates

“We worked with CF LED lighting on a 500 fixtures project and they doubled our government rebate  for non profit housing provider. The fixtures they recommended improved the appearance of our building and payback is under 1.5 years!”

Prisma non profit Residences Corporation
Richard Persaud

“Our property not only received an incentive through the Save on Energy Retrofit Program, but we reduced our annual utility bill by 67% which will continue to provide additional financial savings long-term. Our tenants are very happy about the brightness in public area especially for senor residents, improved tenants convenience and comfortable level. ”

JTB Management Group Inc
Nancy Roy

“The Save on Energy program allowed us to upgrade our equipment and save enough money on electricity for this project to pay for itself within 2 years. Retrofitting the entire lighting system in the two plants with energy efficient lamps was key to reducing our costs.”

Megna Pools
David Rice

‘The new lighting has delivered exactly what was promised. Not only is business saving money on electricity, it’s also improved the in-store experience for customers. We noticed how bright and cheerful this place looks and our shop looks amazing.”

Dom’s Auto Parts
Dominic Vetere

“Being cost effective and environmentally consious is key for not-for-profit organizations and CF LED Lighting helped us to accomplish both.”

Paul Bertrand

“Part of our interest of retrofitting was to see if we could find some efficiencies and reduce our operating costs, but another big plus for us was the opportunity to improve the lighting in the shop and make our products really pop for our customers.”

President, Bike Depot East
Ebrahim Suleman

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