LightFair International (LFI) was held at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia and 590 companies showed up to display amazing light and design features. The trade show delivers exciting technologies every year and this year it featured developments in connectivity, smart lighting, enhanced well human being, experience through light, and the Internet of Things (IoT).  One of CF LED LIGHTING’s favorite products was B.E.G’s PureColor human-centric lighting sensor.

The world’s first standalone occupancy sensor with the ability to change the color temperature of an LED fixture to match a person’s circadian rhythm for human-centric lighting (HCL) (Lighting Industry Exhibits, 2017)

It matches time keeping and motion detection allowing it to adjust to the color temperature of the fixture, incredible! For more information click here and to read about other new and innovative LED technologies.


C. M. (n.d.). Lighting industry exhibits make leaps into smart era at LightFair (UPDATED). Retrieved May 29, 2017, from

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