LED Lighting Commercial Services

Project Energy Analyst Report

CF LED Lighting analyzes and reports on your energy consumption and proposes lighting solutions that save you money.

Lighting Design & Solutions

CF LED Lighting works closely with LED manufacturers to source and design the lighting solution that best fit your needs.

Free on -Site Auditing

A crucial step in the success of any upgrade is an audit of the existing lighting system – a comprehensive review of the current fixtures, environment, and operating conditions.

Maximum Government Rebates

CF LED Lighting is a qualified Applicant Representatives (AR) who submits Retrofit Program Applications on your behalf.

Installation & Disposal

CF LED Lighting works with licensed electricians who ensure that lighting installations are done right and to the code.

Client Testimonials

Part of our interest of retrofitting was to see if we could find some efficiencies and reduce our operating costs, but another big plus for us was the opportunity to improve the lighting in the shop and make our products really pop for our customers.

Ebrahim Suleman

President, Bike Depot East

The Save on Energy program allowed us to upgrade our equipment and save enough money on electricity for this project to pay for itself within 2 years. Retrofitting the entire lighting system in the two plants with energy efficient lamps was key to reducing our costs.

David Rice

Vice President, Megna Pools

The new lighting has delivered exactly what was promised. Not only is business saving money on electricity, it’s also improved the in-store experience for customers. We noticed how bright and cheerful this place looks and our food looks amazing.

Alam Yousfi

Owner, Hasty Market Ajax

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